Kansas Talk – KKLE

1550 KKLE – Kansas Talk is home to some of the greatest talk shows around. Tune in and listen for your favorite shows or discover a new favorite! See our programming line up below:


Monday – Friday
12:00AM – 5:00AM Red Eye Radio
5:00AM – 8:00AM The Hugh Hewitt Show
8:00AM – 9:00AM Auction Block
9:00AM – 11:00AM Brian Kilmeade and Friends
11:00AM – 12:00PM AAR’s Daily Defense Hour
12:00PM – 3:00PM The Dana Show
3:00PM – 5:00PM Business Rockstars
5:00PM – 8:00PM Mark Levin Show
8:00PM – 11:00PM The Joe Walsh Show
11:00PM – 12:00AM My Cool Inventions

12:00AM – 2:00AM Cigar Dave Show
2:00AM – 3:00AM Executive Leaders Radio
3:00AM – 4:00AM Liberty Nation
4:00AM – 5:00AM Veterans Chronicles
5:00AM – 6:00AM Grape Encounters
6:00AM – 7:00AM American Family Farmer
7:00AM – 9:00AM The Money Pit
5:00PM – 8:00PM Mark Levin Show
9:00AM – 12:00PM The Kim Kommando Show
12:00PM – 1:00PM INC. Magazine
1:00PM – 3:00PM Cigar Dave Show
3:00PM – 5:00PM My Cool Inventions
5:00PM – 6:00PM Grape Encounters
6:00PM – 7:00PM Made In America
7:00PM – 10:00PM Larry Kudlow
10:00PM – 11:00PM Behind The Curtain
11:00PM – 12:00AM Made In America

12:00AM – 1:00AM American Family Farmer
1:00AM – 2:00AM Made In America
2:00AM – 4:00AM Talk Radio Countdown
4:00AM – 5:00AM INC. Magazine
5:00AM – 6:00AM Townhall Journal
6:00AM – 8:00AM Frontlines Of Freedom
8:00AM – 11:00AM The Kim Kommando Show
11:00AM – 1:00PM Real Estate Today
1:00PM – 4:00PM Gun Talk
4:00PM – 7:00PM Healthy Living and Growing
7:00PM – 10:00PM Armed America Radio
10:00PM – 11:00PM Executive Leaders Radio
11:00PM – 12:00AM Liberty Nation